Green Ash Tree, F. pennsylvanica

The Green Ash tree is broad leafed and are arranged opposite each other. Its structure is pinnately compound, and can be rounded or flat. It’s leaves are not lobed, but they are toothed. The serrated edges are not large and line both sides of the leaf.
The Green Ash tree that i saw had a couple of birds nests in it and it looked like many of the leaves were eaten by small insects. I couldn’t be sure if there was an infection in the tree or if it was an insect burrowed into the leaves, but on some of the leaves there was small, scattered, upraised mounds on the leaves.
These leaves looked like many other leaves on trees that I passed pretty often and as time went on I found it harder and harder to tell if it was the same tree or a new kind. Some of the trees looked smaller but also very similar and couldn’t tell if it was just a younger version and that is why it looked different or if it was a different tree.